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We provide distinguished initiatives and our development and relief projects reach all Syrian governorates. .

  • education-program

    Education Program

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    Throughout a six-year war, 3,800 Syrian schools were set to ground, while the rest are used as shelter to thousands of locally displaced families. Our projects aim at restoring schools, sponsoring students and teachers and supporting the educational process.


    Our relief projects include: restoring 14 schools, sponsoring 217 teachers and 4,467 students. 
  • shelter-and-non-alimentary-program

    Shelter and Non-alimentary Program

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    A recent statement of UNCHR mentioned that 86% of Syrian refugees live under the poverty line in Jordan, and half of those in Lebanon reside in improper shelters. Our winter projects support afflicted and displaced families with tents, covers, blankets, heating oil, firewood and children clothing. In this way we provide security and protection, and help them withstand coarse winter coldness that normally takes the lives of many.

    Our relief projects include: winter projects /460,837 beneficiaries, Al Nour Camp/1,500 beneficiaries. 
  • Water-and-sanitation-program

    Water and Sanitation Program

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    Sanitary water insecurity is one of the most important repercussions of the Syrian Crises. Our projects provide alternative and secure water sources to afflicted populations. These include: drilling wells, establishing water containers and distributing ice blocks during summer.

    Our Relief Projects include: drilling 4 Water wells / 15,000 beneficiaries.
  • Protection-and-sponsorship-program

    Protection and Sponsorship Program

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    According to UNICEF reports, Syria became one of the most dangerous countries for children.  “Syria Relief” estimates that over 5.3 million children are in need for urgent assistance. In response, Beyaz Eller undertakes a number of protection and sponsorship projects, such as: sponsorship of orphan children and martyrs’ families, distribution of Zakat Al Fitr and Eid clothing, in addition to psychological support projects.

    Our Relief projects include : sponsoring 1,780 Orphans, Psychological aid to 2,040 children.
  • food-security

    Food Security and Livelihood Program

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    FSL receives the greatest share of Beyaz Eller donations. Our projects are varied to serve both relief and development purposes. We extend help to displaced families in the Syrian inside as well as refugee camps in neighboring countries.


    Our relief activities include: Qurbani projects and Food baskets.
  • health-program

    Health Program

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    This program aims at preserving human lives through supporting hospitals and medical checkpoints. We train medical staff members, supply tools and devices, provide medication for the helpless and prepare a back-up staff for emergency cases.


    Our Relief Projects includes: 6 Hospitals, 10 Ambulance cars and 1 Blood bank.
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