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Provide distinguished initiatives and administration of development and relief projects in Syria that reaches all Syrian governorates. .

  • education-program

    Education program

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    This programs aims at restoring air-stricken Syrian schools and reviving it after a long barricade caused by the Syrian crises. It provides basic needs for continued educational processed; such as stationary, school bags, books for all classes, school heating and teacher salaries.

    In this way, we help students overcome financial hindrances to education; alleviate their psychological pressures and empower them to become an educated and awaked generation that re-builds the country.


    Our relief project include: 14 schools and sponsored 217 teacher and 4,467 students..
  • shelter-and-non-alimentary-program

    Shelter and non-alimentary programs

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    Beyaz Eller, carries out winter projects in Syria to provide afflicted families with basic needs such as children clothes, winter garments for beds and floors, blankets, heating oil, coal, wood and shelter camps. These aids are distributed on afflicted Syrian families to help them withstand coarse winter cold and storms that normally take the lives of many.

    Our relief project include: winter projects 460837 beneficiaries, and AlNour Camp, 1500 beneficiaries 
  • Water-and-sanitation-program

    Water and Sanitation Program

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    Water and Sanitation Program

    Sanitary water insecurity is one of the most important repercussions of the Syrian Crises. In almost every region, continued air-strikes resulted into electricity and fuel cuts that affected Syrian lives negatively. For long time, Syrians depended on water stations that follow the General Commission for Water. The commission stopped working due to extensive electricity cut and increase in mazut prices. Hence, the humanitarian crises has further aggravated.

    Our Relief Projects includes: 4 Water wells / 15000 beneficiaries
  • Protection-and-sponsorship-program

    Protection and Sponsorship program

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    In Protection and Sponsorship Program, Beyaz Eller  calculates the number of orphans and families that lost their breadwinners, prioritize their needs and ensure monthly allowances that enable them to live adequately and not resort to begging or child labour.

    Our Relief projects include : 1780 Orphans, and 2040 Psychological aid.
  • food-security

    Food security and livelihood

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    FSL receives the greatest share of White Hands’ donations. Our projects are varied and serve both relief and development purposes. We extend help to displaced families in the Syrian inside, as well as refugee camps in neighboring countries.


    Our relief project include: Qurbani project and Food baskets.
  • health-program

    Health Program

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    This programs aims at preserving lives of humans in need for medical care, by supporting field hospitals; supplying its need to medical staff, tools and devices; providing medication for the helpless, and; preparing a back-up staff for emergency cases.


    Our Relief Projects includes: 6 Hospitals, 10 Ambulances and 1 Blood bank.
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  • health-program

    The project is based on providing 4 of fully-equipped ambulance cars  and supporting their functioning for six months. This comes as part of building an ambulance network that serves afflicted regions in Aleppo to reduce the number of human mortalities.

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    Project Place :Aleppo- Syria

    • Medical facilities in Aleppo were air-stricken and are currently out of work.
    • The number of mortalities resulting from shortage in ambulance services and devastation of medical centers and clinics has soared.
    • The Lack of adequate popular awareness of health issues- especially in Aleppo.
    • Emigration of the majority of medical calibers- doctors and nurses.
    • The rise of injury, infection and disease incidents in Aleppo.


  • كفالة_100_يتيم

    Beyaz Eller sponsors 100 Syrian orphans in Turkey-Antakya. Over a year, the Institution places four financial installments to each child, assigns religious, social and education supervisors, undertakes two medical check-ups, organizes entertainment events and trips, and invites children to weekly sermons that address Islamic values and ethics.

    This comes under Beyaz Eller Protection and Sponsorship Program that provides (a) financial and psychological sponsorship of orphans, and (b) sponsorship of preachers to emphasize values of tolerance, peace and social integration.

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    • 7.2 million children are affected by the conflict.
    • Many children lost their fathers to the violence that took lives of over 250,000 Syrians since 2011.
    • Many orphan refugees are without immediate family members to take care of them.


  • 200_الف_وجبة

    During the blessed Ramadan, Beyaz Eller distributes 200,000 hot meals to displaced Syrians and refugees in Turkey. Since 2013, the institution successfully distributed over 304,000 hot meals. This comes under Beyaz Eller’s Food Security and Livelihood program that aims at alleviating the suffering of the afflicted Syrians, preserving their human dignity, and enabling them a sustainable livelihood.

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    • 7.6 Syrians are locally displaced- according to recent statistics from the United Nations.
    • Displacement of large numbers of population pressures receiving regions and leads to food shortage and insecurity.
    • Many Syrian families can not afford the simplest food to break their fast in Ramadan.


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